What is this site? Live Deaths are you kidding?
No we are NOT! We have taken some of the best actors, trained them in action, horror and thriller death scenes and feature them here LIVE for fans to see. We're here for the fans that feel most films stop short–that most aren't brave enough to see death the way it actually plays out. Our performers are trained to act out deaths in the most realistic ways possible for a glimpse into someone's last, dark moments.

You may have seen other sites that offer clips of horror and death, but we're proud to be the first to bring seasoned performers to the LIVE DEATHS stage. With no editing to hide behind, they must perform these acts of death from start to finish, as they would actually happen in real life.

Enjoy the macabre spectacle in the safety and privacy of your own home as the trained talent here at LIVE DEATHS performs a new deadly show each week for your entertainment. Check here to see the calendar of LIVE sessions we have coming up on the LIVE DEATHS stage.

WARNING: These performances are designed to simulate real chokng, stabbing, beating, gunshots and a variety of other disturbing scenes of death. All performers are over the age of 18 at the time of filming. 

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Live Deaths is now online!

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